Through international education and experiences with students and musicians in schools, universities and orchestras, Suzanna has internalized different teaching strategies, methods and techniques.
Over the years she has evolved her own teaching style which she adapts individually to each student to allow them to reach his/her potential.

  • Lessons in Violin, Viola and Cello
  • Lessons for children, students and adults
  • Preparation for exams (ABRSM, ADDITUM, IB)


Suzuki Method

Children trained in the Suzuki method learn to play the same way they learn to speak their mother tongue by hearing a sound and then reproducing it.
Through the exercise of playing by memory, the inner concentration is developed and the eyes help while controlling the hands.

Hungarian Method

Folk music is the basis of the Hungarian music pedagogy.
Compositions in this style are short, simple and lively making them ideal for those beginning with the violin.
Students will learn a variety of carefully selected and well-arranged pieces from different European composers providing them with a good foundation from which they can progress.

Why learn a string instrument?

Girl plays cello - Cello lessons Grünwald (Munich)

Children and Young People

It is proven that by learning an instrument your I.Q. is increased, school achievements are improved, it also helps those with concentration issues. Playing music in a group improves social and behavioral skills.

Music lessons for Adults

Learning an instrument is a wonderfully balanced and relaxing hobby, which keeps you mentally sharp and is really fun.

International clients

Children, teenagers and adults whose parents come to Germany to live with us have the opportunity to receive a world-class music education here.
German, English and other languages and in addition an international knowledge of music facilitate careers and make us flexible for the demands of the global working world.

Music is multicultural!


Instrumental Rental

We assist you by sourcing and the organization of string instruments.

Price List

We will be happy to provide you with a price list upon request.