Relaxed environment in group setting WORKSHOPS

Workshop Chamber Music

Experience the pleasure of playing the wonderful works of Haydn, Mozart or Schubert and other great composers in an ensemble setting. This could be in a trio, quartet, quintet or sextet. By tackling the works of these great composers in a relaxed and supportive environment, the challenges of the music can be overcome and enjoyed. The goal is always to have fun!


  • Basic instrument playing skills
  • Well known music skills

Day/Time: Saturdays and by agreement


For hobby singers and guitarists

Music is one of the best ways to express and live feelings.

To sing and make music inspires all age groups and opens hearts, creates new relationships and brings happiness.

We will play popular music and band work including songs from all kinds of genres: folk, blues, rock, pop and many well-known oldies. We will learn techniques which will help to complement each song.

Day/Time: Fridays, Saturdays and by agreement